TBB Product Instructions

Relax - Refresh - Renew


First and foremost because our attorneys want us to tell you... always check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about using the contents in The Bath Bag. The Bath Bag is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any conditions. 

Always...Always...ALWAYS use caution when entering and exiting the tub. Contents from The Bath Bag have the potential to leave your tub surface a bit slippery and for that reason we do not recommend they be used by children, elderly, and anyone who has balance issues or is considered a fall risk. 

For general use of The Bath Bag fill your tub with warm (not hot) water and drop The Bath Bag of your choice in the water. Due to the fizzing ingredients the bag will want to float. Simply give the bag and occasional squeeze and once the fizzier have activated the bag will no longer "puff up". As the contents steep into your water, splash the nutrient rich water onto parts of your body not submerged so they get treated to the same goodness. We recommend that you soak for 20 minutes at the shortest and up to an hour for full relaxation and benefit to your mind, soul, and body. (Please read specific instructions on Sitz Bath before using)

We're here to help, that's what we do! Please let us know if you have any questions that we have not answered for you. We will get back with you right away!