Our Products

If quality is queen when it comes to our products, then luxury would have to be the princess. When Therese began producing products for others to enjoy it was important for her to create an entire experience for her customers. She enjoys a more classic, upscale feel and always felt that organics in general, though they could be amazing products, left a little to be desired on the outside of the package. The products never seemed to convey any kind of luxurious feel. Rese & Co. is where natural and organic are the priority, but luxury and elegance are never compromised. It is our desire that you not only feel the amazing benefits from the products themselves, but you feel as though you have just experienced an indulgent spa retreat right in your own home.


Keep checking our website frequently. The product expansion vision is quite exciting and we look forward to introducing new products to you as soon as we have completed our research, tested in house, completed our customer panel testing, and have nothing but the finest product ready to put in your hands. An untainted way of life isn’t just about our topical products either so we look forward to bringing you other natural and organic experiences for your life and home.