Our Story

I guess if we were to write a book about Rese & Co., Chapter One would be about nameless mixtures that I, our founder and formulator, Therese, started making for myself. Rese & Co., as a company, was not even a fleeting thought. I was in the midst of her never-ending self-studying which started with the quest to find natural options for my husband, Allan's, health situation and grew to becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach. The more I dug for answers the more I found information about topically applied products. Since that wasn’t the information I  was looking for I was quick to ignore it and move on…until I finally wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. And so it began!

With my almost 3 decades of history with skin care and cosmetics, I examined what I was subjecting my own skin to only to be horrified and immediately throw most of my products directly in the trash. The first thing I reached for was organic coconut oil... but I knew that one ingredient alone “does not a skin care regime make.” With my husbands health situation improving my studies centered around natural ingredients that would provide the best benefits for the skin and body.

And so Chapter Two began. With requests from friends and family growing, Rese & Co. (originally Untainted) was established. Four main products were the humble beginnings of a brand that would reach directly to the consumers at markets and events. For two years I, often with the help of family (Allan, Jakob, and Shelby) and a couple amazing friends (Kelly and Ellie), would pack my SUV to the brim and set up at markets, community events, and seasonal shows. I so enjoyed every minute of personal contact I had teaching those who sampled the products, listening to their skin care concerns, and learning what they would love to see offered in natural, organic products. My focus on customers is what has and will continue to shape the future of the products.

That brings us to Chapter Three. It’s just starting! Much of the outline for this chapter and many to come has been written and we look forward to seeing how it unfolds. When Chapter Three is revealed it will tell of: 1) the story of closing Untainted and opening Rese & Co., 2) the story of the website and how it was not only used to educate consumers on details of skin care but also quenched a passion to educate and inspire people to live a holistically healthy life, 3) retail, how choosing unique criteria for locations helps bring the Rese & Co. experience geographically closer to more consumers, and 4) how more focused, inspired efforts to give back have helped hundreds, if not thousands. The helping hand of Rese & Co.’s customers will go much farther than the company or the customer alone could go. We look forward to a chapter dedicated to the lives touched by Rese & Co. and our amazing customers.