Join us to create a beautiful stress-free holiday season.

Wait! I forgot to tell you…

Hey! I hope you just had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend some time with family and friends. Our Thanksgiving looked a bit different than expected this year with the recent passing of my Mamaw but we still had a fantastic day with family yesterday. I have a couple things to share with you. One is a simple trivial tip for leftovers and the other is for the upcoming busy holiday season.

I wrote in my calendar a few weeks ago that I wanted to share a simple tip of what to do with all the leftovers if you make a traditional Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc. I just happened to see that calendar note today so I guess the timing was perfect! I created my leftover solution a couple years ago but, honestly, I’m sure if you search someone thought of it way before me. We seem to always have plenty of stuffing left (my famous cranberry pecan stuffing… message if you want the recipe) so I take out a glass baking dish, rub a little butter on the dish and start layering the leftovers! Press the dressing into the bottom and up the sides, then add a layer of potatoes, chop up the turkey and put that in the next layer and top with a bit of gravy. Bake it until it’s reheated. I wasn’t sure I would be a huge fan of this because I don’t like my food to touch {who’s with me}, but I thought of it like a Shepherd’s Pie or something like that and life was good. Delish and a great, simple way to enjoy the food again.

I have to add one other little nugget. Again, I always make a huge amount of stuffing even when I say I’m not going to. Another thing I like to do with the stuffing is take a little out and add a beaten egg to it and press it into a “pancake”. Fry in a pan with a small amount of butter. I like mine plain but you can drizzle it with a little syrup if you like. Maybe add a little sausage and have a simple breakfast. How much of this is super healthy? NONE! If you eat “clean” 90 percent of the time then this is part of your 10%.

Now on with preparing for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday and the season is my favorite of the year. For years I found myself getting so excited but after it was over realizing that things were so insane for weeks, I didn’t enjoy it, and I was sad it was over. I never seemed to have my perfect holiday season (I include Thanksgiving here). I’m not sure why I am so surprised when I hear so many people feel the same way. Well, I finally decided that I had enough of it! After a few years I think I can offer advise on rocking this season like a pro! I don’t want to bore those who are a regular “Martha May Whovier” with my survive and thrive tips so I’m going to do it in a separate group. I don’t care if it’s just me and you in the group, I will be thrilled to think that I helped one person enjoy the season a little more. Soooo… if you are in for less stress, checking some boxes, making some memories and being fulfilled when it’s all over then join me over in our Facebook group. I’d love to hear your strategy for making this an incredible time of year too! (Join us over at Rese & Co. Living!)