Winter Skin Care - Prepare Exposed Skin for the Elements

Winter Skin Care - Prepare Exposed Skin for the Elements


As I sit here looking out my window at our layer of overnight snow I appreciate how beautiful a crisp, white blanket of snow looks. I have to admit that a couple hours ago, as I was taking my dogs out and shoveling the driveway and walk way, my skin was not appreciating the cold temperatures that accompanied our snow.


 At the home of Rese & Co. in the upper mid-west, we are bracing for some of the lowest wind-chills some of us have experienced in a lifetime. Cold temperatures don’t really slow us down that much so with so many people still needing to brave the elements it is vital that we take an extra step or two to protect our skin. This seems like the perfect time for us to share a few of our favorite tips to protect your skin from the elements.


  1. Don’t forget to hydrate from the inside out! Make sure you consume plenty of water throughout the day. An herbal tea is also a great treat as well. Bump this up with moisture-rich foods of fruits and vegetables. (Cabbage, grapefruit, strawberries, cauliflower, bell peppers, celery, zucchini, broths & soups, oranges, cucumbers, and cantaloupe are just a few of our favs.)
  2. Pre and post exposure practices.
    1. DON’T linger in a long hot shower or bath, they are zapping your moisture. DO apply a moisturizer within minutes of getting out of the shower/bath.
    2. Consistently but gently exfoliate your skin. When cells dry out the don’t shed as rapidly and build up into thickened layers. The thick layers don’t retain water as well and inhibit the effectiveness of moisturizers that you apply topically.
  3. Good old fashioned exposure common sense. I’ve read that air at 86 degree Fahrenheit can hold three times more moisture than air at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hydrate the skin from the inside and out, and then cover your skin to minimize exposure to the dry air. Pay attention to the exposure time and the condition of the skin if you must brave the elements and avoid dangerous overexposure. Don’t forget your eyes. Glasses or goggles are recommended.


Let’s take a look at a few basics when you’re selecting products for your skin. Wouldn’t you agree that it makes no sense to use products to combat the elements with products that amplify the problem? Right! So in the world of information overload let’s chose just a couple things to highlight.


  1. Avoid at all cost! While the list is too extensive to document every item in this post there are a couple topics that must be highlighted.
    1. Petroleum and mineral oil based products.These ingredients will make most well knowing people cringe and I’m appalled at how many professionals recommend these products for use on adults and infants. I found a great article that really expands on the reasons to avoid these ingredients so click here to read it.
    2. Fragrance from an unknown source. Many products list ingredients with claims to be “all-natural” but too often it sadly isn’t true. Currently there is no requirement for the sources of “fragrance” to be listed and many of those sources can amplify the dryness or cause skin sensitivities. If a brand isn’t comfortable with disclosing the “fragrance”, pass on by!
  2. Dress your skin before you hit the great outdoors. Just like you properly dress your body, your feet, your hands, and your head for the elements you’re about to experience, you must also dress your exposed skin and lips. Here are some ingredients to rely on.
    1. Oils and butters. Some fantastic ingredients that hydrate and protect are butters such as shea and cocoa butter and oils such as coconut, jojoba, camellia seed, and almond. Apply products containing these ingredients prior to exposure and after to continue nourishing, hydrating, and repairing.
    2. Beeswax is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps provide an occlusive layer to protect your moisture balance without “suffocating” the skin. Not only will beeswax lock in your natural moisture, but it also holds anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Even though beeswax has a “heavier” texture to it, it still does not clog the pores. Itching often accompanies dry skin and beeswax is also beneficial for combating the itching sensation that can be caused from dry, cold weather exposure.


You can see that preparing your skin to endure the winter elements isn’t just an inside or an outside job. If you will properly nourish your body with foods and drink that promote hydrated skin andapply beneficial, naturally sourced, hydrating topical ingredients your skin can not only survive but thrive during this season. Weather you love winter or dream of ditching your winter-wear forever, your colder, dryer climate can be a bit more beautiful with these few simple steps.


We have you covered! We simply couldn’t end this post without letting you know we have a couple recommended products that you may not live another winter without.

  • Rese & Co. Skin Balm is probably our most versatile product! It is certainly a must have for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin during harsh winter elements. With a winning combination of beeswax (providing the protection) and a beautiful blend of nourishing oils (providing the “skin food”) you have the winning combination. It’s an easy application directly from the tube to hands, face, and neck. It tucks easily into jacket pockets, backpacks, or purses to keep it handy whenever you need it.
  • Rese & Co. Lip Armour is one of our newest products. We have had fantastic lip balms for years that show you what healthy lips feel like. Lip Armour is for the outdoor enthusiast or those healing from severely dry lips and can be used any season of the year. Your lips will be well protected from the sting of the elements with a layer of our powerful Lip Armour. (Side note: You can amplify the results by using Rese & Co. Lip Buffer two times per week to slough off dead, dry cells. If your lips need a little extra love feel free to apply any of our Rese & Co. Lip Balms first and then seal in the goodness with Lip Armour.)
  • Rese & Co. Lotion Bar has been a favorite of our customers for years. Just the warmth of your skin melts just the right amount of hydrating ingredients. The Lotion Bar is another product that combines a light amount of beeswax that protects your moisture balance and beautiful oils that nourish the body. Take the Lotion Bar anywhere in it’s convenient tin.

Whether you are a fan of winter or wish it only lasted a week, we hope you love more nourished and protected skin and lips that come from using a few of the fan favorite Rese & Co. products we mentioned. Stay hydrated, stay warm, and stay safe…and embrace whatever the season gives us!