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Nuts {and other things} for healthy skin. 114

At Rese & Co. we love making products to help your skin be its most beautiful, natural, and nourished. We also understand that’s not just an “outside job”. We have pulled together a short list of items to add to salads, main dishes, as a stand-alone snack, or…well…there’s really a zillion ways to add them to your diet routine. Though the list is primarily nuts {in the most literal sense of the term}, we have included a couple other sources to consider as well.

Winter Skin Care - Prepare Exposed Skin for the Elements 114

Dress your skin before you hit the great outdoors. Just like you properly dress your body, your feet, your hands, and your head for the elements you’re about to experience, you must also dress your exposed skin and lips.

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Welcome to our new site. As I type this our new site is definitely a work in progress so I appreciate you checking back with us as we make updates daily. I am so excited that you have made your way to our site. I look forward to you seeing the site evolve with additional products, simple ingredient and product information, and in the near future, video segments to educate you on Untainted products as well as all things "Holistic". As much as we love our products and want to educate you on topical products, we are also passionate about sharing information that will help you live a holistic happy, healthy, and vibrant life.

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